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Angels Centre for Children with Special Needs (ACCSN) was formed by parents of children with disabilities. The main aim in forming this centre was to find a place where children with special needs could come to learn and interact; be supported in their physical, emotional and social development. It is also to bring parents together to share how they are coping with raising

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Every child deserves to study in a clean and safe environment, support the cause of building an integrated center for children with special needs
"Every child matters"
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Why is this cause so important for you?

Raising a child with disability is heart-breaking, especially in a country like Uganda where it is still associated with witchcraft and discrimination. By raising this money, we want to be accessible for children from all social classes in the community, and to reach as many children as possible. Lack of social services and absence of clear policies and guidelines on inclusion of such children makes the situation difficult for most families. Your financial support will contribute to the expansion of our new centre, improving the quality of life for these children, providing basic health care and helping us reduce the social stigma associated with disability in the community. We surely hope that our proposal Build with Us will meet your kind expectations and we thank you for your generosity towards our great cause.

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