Our guesthouse gives you the opportunity to live together with multiple volunteers and interns in one house. This house has 4 self-contained rooms with hot water, double bed, mosquito net and a big closet. There is Wi-Fi available, there is a spacious dining area and a living room. The kitchen is provided with a stove on gas and a fridge with a separate freezer. There is a spacious storage room and a courtyard. The complex is protected by both a big, metal gate and by a guard. Other options are washing service and cleaning service for an additional fee.

- Master bedroom (self-contained, suitable for 2 persons): $150/person/month.
- Master bedroom (self-contained, single person rent): $250/month.
- Single bedroom (self-contained): $200/month.
- Room for 1 night: $20.

o Host family.
If you really want to live like a Ugandan and be a part of the local population and the community, maybe a host family is something for you. In this way, you will learn the culture and the country at its best. Your host family will teach you how to wash your own clothes, prepare local food and will introduce you in the real African life. You will have your own bedroom with the host family.
o Own furnished apartment.
Do you want to stay here for a longer period? Maybe you would like to have your own apartment or share this with some of your friends. These apartments are provided with all standard conditions such as kitchen, bathroom, (several) bedrooms and a living area.
Between $200-$500, depending on what you want and where you want to stay.